top of page presented to Wharton Graduates had the great honor of having been selected by the ARC Sheba in Tel Aviv to present the company and vision to 70 MBA students from the world leading Wharton Business School (at the University of Pennsylvania) and from the International MBA program at Tel Aviv University. co-founder and Chief Medical Officer Yves Nordmann spoke to the distinguished group on December 31st at Sheba Medical Center.

The visit is part of a joint program titled, “lessons learned from Israeli Innovation”. During the 4-day program, the participants will gain knowledge and insights into the attributes and drivers of the Israeli “startup nation”. There will be a specific focus on one of the attributes - the widespread presence of technology multinationals (MNCs) in the Israeli scene. As part of the program, the participants will learn about the evolution of the Israeli high-tech industry from different players: academia, NGOs (such as Startup Nation Central), investors startups and visit innovation centers, including the Weizmann Institute and ARC Sheba.

A special thank you goes out to Lital Shnaiderman and Amir Snir of ARC Sheba and to David Zilichovsky of Tel Aviv University and to Ziv Katan of the Wharton School of Business.


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