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Delivering Personalized Healthcare is the "Netflix of Healthcare". We apply the power of patient-generated data to enable and deliver personalized healthcare solutions.


Internationally multi-awarded.

Value-based and cost efficient.




We connect patients with their healthcare providers in the clinical and study world, 24/7, on all devices.



We empower clinical and research work by integrating patient reported outcome and real world data.



We optimize healthcare communication and patient treatment in between consultations.




oursolution_logo_blue-01.png offers two business and partnership platform solution areas:

GDPR-Compliant  Communication & RWE Study Platform

Secure chatbot enhanced digital
Patient-HCP communication channel

  • Universal&workflow integrated

  • Synchronous (video) &  asynchronous (chat) conversations

  • PRO and RWE study modules

  • Appointment management

  • Content libraries

  • Billing integration

   Medical Grade

Apps & CE-certified DTx Product Platform

"Apps like drugs" platform approach delivering strong pipeline with DTx building blocks

  • Smart chatbots

  • Device hub

  • Survey / PRO tool

  • Content

  • Dashboards

  • AI engine

  • Study Module

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docdok is a GDPR and HIPAA compliant healthcare communication platform to strengthen the traditional patient-doctor relationship.

The platform integrates with primary software used by doctors and with medical devices used by patients.

The complementary research & study module connects the clinical and research ecosystems, paving the way for a disruptive solution for quality assessment and clinical trials.

Based on these functionalities, docdok facilitates the gathering of quality assessments, the running of clinical trials and the design and delivery of digital therapeutics.


docjo GmbH - The Creators of Certified Medical Apps - is a 100% daughter company of and has its headquarter at the new Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area.

The first product DiGA1 will hit the German market in early 2021 as an "app on prescription" and is partnered with SpiFa, the German umbrella organization of specialized physicians with over 160'000 doctors as members.

Further software as a medical device products by docjo are already well advanced in the pipeline, for example in the field of respiratory medicine.




Customers are among the top 3 global pharma companies in their fields. docdok is used for direct interaction between Asthma/COPD and COVID-19 patients and their healthcare providers, allowing for disease education, symptom monitoring and patient coaching in a clinical setting. The projects are under scientific oversight.


One of the leading Swiss based MedTech companies is using the docdok solution to comply with the regulatory requirement of process documentation regarding clinical safety and performance of its devices due to the new European Medical Device Regulation (MDR). The interactive elements of docdok provide value to the participating surgeons and patients as they can better visualize the healing process.


The "Spitzenverband der Fachärzte Deutschlands e.V." (SpiFa) with its over 160'000 doctors as members and its 100% daughter company DIFA entered an exclusive partnership with The first joint product, DIFA1, is the solution in Germany to track individuals after COVID-19 vaccinations regarding safety and efficacy within a cohort study.

The European Society for Pediatric Research uses the docdok communication platform for case discussions in everyday practice.

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Several University hospital and clinics in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Middle East have chosen docdok to improve the communication with their patients before, during and after hospitalizations/consultations. Disease management programs, as well as quality assessments, are performed using docdok. Two of's partners, University Hospital Zurich and Sheba Medical Center in Israel, are amongst the "Top 10 Hospitals of the World", according to Newsweek 2020.


Benefits for Patients

Easier access to an individual doctor and health data

Stronger empowerment through tailored medical information

Better health outcomes


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OUR STORY was founded by a medical practitioner and a pharma executive, who were frustrated by the inefficiencies in their respective systems. Proving the claim to address a core problem in healthcare, has created impressive traction in a short period of time. Won clients include internationally recognized global enterprises, such as T-Systems, AstraZeneca, Novartis, NovoNordisk and IBM as well as several university hospitals, private practices and thousands of patients - leading to the international recognition of being ranked among the top digital health startups globally by the Health Hub in Vienna, the ARC at Sheba and PLAYBeyondBio. is already active in six countries.


Enabling value-based healthcare as global leader in capturing, understanding and enhancing real world patient outcomes in the clinical and study ecosystem at lower cost.


Our IT team focuses on agile development using cutting-edge frameworks and technologies. Our team consists of specialists in the fields of human-centered design, data architecture, big data analytics and cybersecurity. Security is key for a solution handling sensitive medical data. adheres to GDPR and the hosting is provided in respective certified national data centers.

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The Board

Dr. Yves Nordmann

Co-Founder, CMO and Board Member

Yves Nordmann, M.D., is a successful Swiss/Israeli serial entrepreneur bringing mHealth solutions to the market. In addition to, he co-founded three other digital health companies: WellDoc in the US in the field of mobile prescription therapy, Oviva in Europe for mobile nutrition counselling, and E-Medicus, the leading Swiss provider for EMRs in the cloud.  

Dr. Ulrich Muehlner

Co-Founder, CEO and Chairman of the Board

Dr. Ulrich Mühlner is the CEO and co-founder of as well as a graduate and PhD biochemist. He spent many years working for the Boston Consulting Group in the healthcare sector before joining Novartis in 2009, where he was responsible for important initiatives as Director and Head of Corporate Strategy, especially in the field of digital health.


Georg Portmann

Board Member

Georg Portmann is the former CEO of CSS insurance, the largest Swiss health insurer.


The Team

Rebecca Szeinwald
 Product Manager & Product Marketing

Rebecca Szeinwald started her career in healthcare IT in 2008 as a Project Manager at Teo Life Science. In 2012, she joined iMDsoft where she most recently worked as a PreSales Manager and was part of the team that tailored the products to specific global markets. Rebecca has a BA in business administration from IDC Herzliya, Israel

Eitan Arat

Eitan Arat has various experience in development, design, architecture, customer relationship and support and leading the development and product teams in order to provide the best products to our customers

Chief Technology Officer
Helton Wernik

Helton Wernik

Head of Cyber Security
Theo Helfenberger

Theo Helfenberger started his career as a software architect at Zühlke Engineering AG after graduating with a Master of Arts degree. After that he joined Abraxas Informatik AG in 2009 as a software architect where he was responsible for the overall architecture of the strategic product platform for taxes, as well as implementation of the web applications.

Henry Hazan

Henry Hazan

Big Data Analytics
Michal Schächter

Michal Schächter is an expert in intensive care and has 15 years of health practice combined with experienced team leader. The last 13 years she has worked at various departments such as plastic and thoracic surgery and internal medicine, in the University Hospital of Zurich. Michal joined in the beginning of 2020, where she can contribute her extensive knowledge in health care.

Customer Success Manager
Jonas Hofer

Jonas Hofer is in charge of developing the webclient of docdok. After completing his bachelor's degree in computer science, he started as a front-end developer at Abraxas Informatik AG before assuming the role of lead developer at Cybersystems GmbH in 2014.

Senior Developer
Robert Schrier

Robert Schrier holds a master's degree in Library and Information Science from Syracuse University, New York and began working as a product analyst at Polaris Library Systems in 2011. He worked as a research assistant at Syracuse University, where he explored IT architecture in American public safety networks. Between 2014 and 2016, he was employed by Auto Graphics Inc. as Product Manager before joining

Head of Product Management
Azar Azar
Azar Azar 3.jpg
Full Stack Developer

Azar graduated Computer Science BSc in the open University and Johan Bryce degree as full stack developer. His experience focused mainly on the front end using React and with that worked on full stack environment to develop end to end applications.


Clients and Partners

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Portät Oertle STS AG (1).jpg

Dr. med. Marc Oertle

Leitender Arzt Medizin /
Medizininformatik Spital Thun​


We decided on With docdok we can map numerous useful use cases - also in asynchronous patient communication

Senior Man


78 years old patient with COPD

Even for my vintage very easy to use!


Prof. Marc Pfister 

University Children's Hospital
of both Basel (UKBB)

docdok sets new standards in the care of children and adolescents with chronic diseases.





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